Introducing MORE Indie Authors this week!

Happy Monday!! In preparing last week’s blog on self-published books by fellow indie authors, I have to say I enjoyed reading them all! So much so, that I decided to do another round for this week. So here you have 6 more beautiful books that you should check out and bring into your household.


RAD Girl Revolution by Sharita Manickam (young girl empowerment)

RAd girl.jpg

I love this book so much. I have a daughter and the idea of showing her images and giving her an idea of all the things she could be is so empowering. And I haven’t seen another book like it -- it uses actual images of kids in different scenarios and costumes so little girls can SEE themselves in these different roles. It challenges the misconceptions of typical gender roles and is most definitely the perfect book for ‘little girls with big dreams.’ Available on Amazon here.

Serafina Soars by Alma Hammond (overcoming shyness)


Serafina Soars is a picture book about a shy owl named Serafina who ventures out and faces her fears in various scenarios throughout her homeland of Spain. By the end of the book, she is more confident and branches out exploring new places each day. The book is a sweet story for any child who faces shyness and struggles in social situations. It also features beautiful images of Spain culture, introducing flamenco, the Rock of Gibraltar and the Alhambra Palace. Serafina Soars is available on Amazon here.

The Fairy and the Butterfly written by Ivanka Sergilova and illustrated by Mina Anguelova (overcoming limitations)


The Fairy and the Butterfly is a story about friendship, encouragement and overcoming obstacles. It starts when a fairy who was born without wings and is sad, meets a butterfly who happens to be a ray of positivity in the fairy’s world. The butterfly shows the fairy that it’s important to accept your purpose, and in the end, gives her a gift that enables her to pay it forward with other fairies needing friendship and support. The story is paired with beautiful illustrations. Available on Amazon here.


Perfect As You Are by Amanda Soria (disability and acceptance)


Perfect As You Are is a story intending to introduce all children to different types of disability. It appears the characters you meet in the story are based on real children the author knows. The main characters Ryan and Ayden come across many different kids with different needs throughout the book. Each child explains they just want to be known, seen and remembered for something other than their disability. It reminds us that every child is a human being ‘first’, has feelings, and can be a friend. Available on Amazon here.

Soaring Soren by Deb Stevenson (perseverence)


Winner of several children’s book awards, Soaring Soren is a wonderful book based on the real-life Soren, a French Bulldog who was intended to compete in dog shows but whose life took a turn toward agility competitions instead. Throughout the story, strong-willed Soren shows that with hard work, determination and support from the right people, you can do hard things and achieve your dreams. The illustrations are adorable, and you even get to see some photos from the real Soren during competition. Available on Amazon here.

Stay tuned next week for even more indie authors.

thanks for reading!