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Thank you to all the book reviewers, bloggers and moms that have taken the time to read and review my book. Read what they had to say. Visit Amazon for more reader reviews.

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What Others Are Saying.

Dr. Larissa Pavone, MD, MarianJoy Rehabilitation Hospital/Northwestern Memorial: Ben’s Adventures is a wonderful story about a boy and his imagination.  The playful words and delightful illustrations make it a favorite bedtime story in our home.  In addition to the wonderful story there are important lessons within the book that can be discussed with your child.

Book Blogger: This is quite possibly the most beautiful book I’ve ever read!

5-Star Great Read by Reading with Your Kids podcast: We love the fact that the book shows the ways Ben is just like any other child, the ways in which he is unique, and the fact that things may not always be easy for him, but Ben is truly a blessing to have in his family. Read the full review here.

Lisa Olinger, MS, Education & Early Childhood Teacher: Ben's Adventures: A day at the beach is a story of imagination and dreams as told from the perspective of a young boy with cerebral palsy. Ben does not let his physical limitations prevent him from enjoying a day at the beach with his family. Ben's Adventures reminds us that anything is possible if you believe in your dreams! 

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