About Benjamin


Benjamin Robert Gerlach loved being outside with the sun in his face and the wind in his hair. He was a triplet, brother, son, friend, student and church-goer. He was also a young boy living with Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy. But this didn't define him. He loved lights, toys, movement, noises, his preschool class, his brother and sister, and his mommy and daddy.

He had many challenges in his short life but lived every day with a smile on his face. After a two-year fight with multiple respiratory illnesses, Ben lost his battle on May 2, 2016. This book is dedicated to Benjamin and shows that everyone can have an adventure. And despite medical and physical differences, all kids can play and dream.


About Ben's Mommy

Elizabeth Gerlach is a mom, wife, marketer, furniture refinisher, and most recently fundraiser and children's book author.

She was inspired to develop the Ben's Adventures series as a tribute to her son, allowing him to live on and share that even though his short life was a struggle, he was a little boy first … with friends, dreams, and a love for his family and his life.

In spring 2017, Elizabeth launched the Ben Smiles Memorial Foundation (www.BenSmiles.org) to spread Ben’s story, his smile and to support their community through gifts and acts of service.  A portion of the proceeds from book sales will go to Ben Smiles.

Originally from Virginia, she is a southerner at heart but currently lives with her husband and Ben’s brother and sister in St Charles, Illinois, outside of Chicago. She believes that things happen for a reason, and this was meant to be their story.