I'm An Open Book.

Yesterday I received a few thank-yous in the mail from students at the local high school after a visit to their childhood education classes recently. When I was first invited, I accepted quickly but then thought to myself, “what will I talk about with high school students?”

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Mom, What is your job??????

“Mom, what is your job?”

It was a simple, innocent question from my 6-year-old son, as we were sitting eating surprise ice cream after dinner one night.

“Well, I stay home and take care of you,” I said. He wasn’t satisfied – “but, what else do you do?”

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Book Expo & BookCon ... check!

So I made it through Book Expo and The Book Con in New York.  It was a great week and great experience … but I have to admit, I was anxious leading up to the trip, simply because I didn’t know what to expect. I’m not yet confident as a children’s book author. I know what I want to accomplish, and I wrote a book simply because I wanted to give tribute to Benjamin, while including a clear message about special kids.

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