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Ben’s next adventure is a tribute to the educators who love and teach our kids every day. Ben enjoys his class so much and it’s always so much fun - he dreams it’s like a circus! Read more at my Blog Post here.

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The Behind-the-Scenes of the Book Development

All or Nothing! I did decided to run a Kickstarter campaign to help fund book design and printing of the book. As an indie author, these costs must come out of pocket to be able to create a children’s book. The kickstarter campaign allows me a way to collect pre-orders, identify a demand for the book and ultimately decide how many I should print. Kickstarter is an ‘all or nothing’ campaign … meaning if the fundraising goal is NOT met, then the orders to do not go through. If it IS met, then backers’ credit cards are charged and I get to use the $$ for printing.

Campaign Video - My budget for the video was pretty low ($0 in fact) so I had to tackle it myself. I did get a couple of quotes from professionals and the lowest was $800 so I realized I had no other option but to DIY. My studio was the alcove in my bedroom right in front of the window to give me decent light, but I had to wait for an overcast day so the light wasn't too bright or harsh (didn't take long as it's been pretty gloomy here lately); my teleprompter was a printed script taped to a book. And my camera was my iPhone. The kids did make an appearance which perked it up a bit. :) I edited it together with some graphics and music and voila, I finished it up last night. Check it out here.