We LOVE Teachers! So much so, we created the NEW “Ben’s Teacher Feature”. This will be a weekly feature of your favorite teacher! A ‘Teacher of the Week’ will be highlighted in a post across our social channels (IG, Twitter, FB and blog post) each Monday evening.

Teachers don’t get near enough credit or recognition and we wanted to do our part to highlight some of best.

The second Ben’s Adventures book in the series is a tribute to the Early Childhood educators - the ones that work to give our kids the BEST possible educational start in life, regardless of their abilities or diagnosis. They differentiate teaching and resources to the needs of each child. For this, we thank you and wanted to honor you.

The next Ben’s Adventures book is now available for pre-order on Kickstarter. Click here to learn more.

Nominate Your Teacher to be Featured!

We LOVE to learn about all the wonderful things special teachers are doing to develop our children and what they do to make learning FUN in the process. If you’d like to have your favorite teacher featured, use the form below to tell us a bit about them. They will be featured in a weekly blog post and also shared across Ben’s social media accounts.

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